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                  Brigit Goldworthy Clairvoyant Healing 

                                           (copied from Facebook)


I have been asked a great question on my wall today by Ashley (Brightfire Spirit) who is wondering why does it seem that when we choose a spiritual path or lightworking why do we seem to be 'tested' or challenged more often than others?

Here is my reply:Yes we get 'tested' often because we understand that operating from love is fundamental to our enlightenment. When choosing this for ourselves, this doesn't mean suddenly everything will be a bed of roses like some people tend to think. In becoming a lightworker or choosing to surrender to spirit, we raise in vibration and are continually connecting into that higher realm of spiritual energy - When we raise in vibration, we are essentially ascending closer towards unconditional loving energy (spiritual energy) and this causes a chain reaction - if we want to continually connect and be enlightened (i.e. be more unconditionally loving) then we are going to have situations thrown at us where we are not yet unconditionally loving so that they can be dealt with and overcome before we can raise in vibration and ascend closer to operating from love permanently. These challenges are our walls where we are not yet unconditionally loving and where we must learn new ways to bring love into the situation (to operate from love) before ascending further and attaining ultimate peace and joy in our lives. Often its situations revolving around relationships or separateness from humanity, and also facing any lifetime phobias/fears we have as these are walls of fear that we have not yet learned to overcome. Bringing love into them can be in any form that love presents in - love, faith, forgiveness, compassion, generosity, understanding, respect, peace and so on. And nobody can do it for you, you have to learn for yourself. Over time as we continue to bring love into these 'walls' we change our mind's habitual thought patterns and behaviors to be loving rather than unloving. We don't need to try so hard to be loving anymore, it just happens. this means we stay centered and peaceful majority of the time and since we emit that energy we attract it back. this can take months or years or even a lifetime to achieve. In my opinion, unconditional love of self is what takes the longest. The Holy Spirit sees you as a perfect child and loves you no matter what you have ever said or thought or done, but it is us who do not always love ourselves. We feel bad for what we did or didn't do, we play the victim role or the control freak etc. This is a common wall where you must bring love back in. We cannot just bring love into those upsetting relationships and situations going on around us, we must also bring it into ourselves - self love, self forgiveness, self acceptance. Its so easy to teach others this when they come to us for guidance, but do we do it for ourselves? indeed it's a challenge, lol. There are only a few such as Jesus, Buddha, Dalai Lama etc who have attained operating from unconditional love wholly and completely and permanently within their human lifetime. But if they can, then you can, we all can. Please share if you feel drawn to;-) love, Brigit xxx— with Tallie Crowley.