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From Kalpulli Teocalli Ollin

Soul Retrieval is an ancient healing process of returning dissociated or fragmented soul part to a client that has suffered from psychological, spiritual or physical traumas. This fragmentation is called soul loss.

A shaman journeys to non-ordinary reality where soul parts are "fixed" and gathers parts that want to return at the time of a soul retrieval. Healing starts for a

client with the return of soul parts.

Some clients experience immediate changes while others months later. A greater sense of inner power that can "push" illness out, facilitate changes in relationships, health, a workplace, career, a living situation, life paths and goals.

Soul retrieval is strong medicine for those individuals with chronic illness, feeling that "something" is missing, ungrounded, not in the body, addictions, depression, relationship loss, loss of loved ones, childhood abuse, auto accidents, surgery, abortion, incest, war/death.

Water is a powerful tool for the soul.

From Eleanor "Energy" Hammond ... Soul Retrieval Exercise

Fill a glass of water and hold it.Put your intention on the glass of water and say 3 times "everything that I have taken from others I put into this water". Then take the water outside and pour it onto the Earth knowing that everyone stands on the Earth and that all things will be returned via the Earth.

Then refill the glass and out your intention into the water again. This time repeat to yourself three times "everything that has been taken from me I now reclaim". Then drink it.