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The meanings of the flowers were derived from Nature Speak by Ted Andrews and various websites.

ALOE has been one of the most powerful treatments for burns of all kinds. It is actually related to the lily family. The leaves and stalks contain a jelly-like substance which is very healing to skin conditions in particular. The skin is our largest sensory organ and most things we encounter register upon us through the skin. When Aloe is a messenger, it is time to soothe the irritations we are encountering. Are we being too sensitive or are we ignoring our sensitivities.

AMARYLLIS symbolizes “fresh and sparkling”. It also represents beauty and pride. Amaryllis helps us decipher what our body is saying to us.

AMBROSIA In Greek mythology, ambrosia was a food of the Olympian gods with which they preserved their immortality. Ambrosia  relates to anything with an especially delicious flavor or fragrance. It is also a dessert containing primarily oranges, bananas and coconut. Another meaning of ambrosia is a weedy, North American plant related to ragweed which produces highly allergenic pollen responsible for hay fever and asthma. See where this fits in your life.

APPLE contains small amounts of Vitamin B, C, G, Protein, Calcium, Iron,  and Phosphorus. It contains greater amounts of Vitamin A, and Potassium. It is known to stimulate all body secretions. It helps prevent disturbances of the liver and digestion in general. It is regarded as a health tonic, medicine and bowel regulator all in one.

APPLE BLOSSOMS are powerfully fragrant and in aromatherapy the fragrance promotes happiness and success. Its energies are also cleansing to the astral body. It stimulates the need to make choices within our life and its energy helps us to realize that we always have choices. Its appearance in our life is a sign or messenger that there is abundance and happiness about for us. It reminds us of our dreams and possibilities. It often heralds contact with spirit and especially the  Faerie realm.

APPLE TREE symbolizes a time for joyful giving, hidden knowledge and happiness and healing are at hand. Read apple blossom.

ASH TREE has a spirit that awakens great strength and might. It is a universal source of light and life energy amplifying the innate abilities of the individual. Shamans used staves made from the ash tree in the past to link the inner and outer worlds and move between them. The ash tree is a reminder that all things are connected even if we don’t see the connection initially. They remind us to move forward with gentleness and strength. Sometimes, its message will have to do with learning to be at one with the self, without cutting yourself off from the rest of the world. The ash helps us to become more sensitive to the great and small influences around us. Its message is also about bringing opposites together.

ASPARAGUS has a high amount of Vitamin A and some Vitamin B, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, Protein, Phosphorus and Potassium. It has been reported that the juice of the asparagus helps to break up oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys and throughout the muscular system thereby making asparagus juice good for rheumatism, neuritis, arthritis and similar ailments.

ASPEN means to face fears and doubts through open communication: shed the old. It is associated with the Egyptian symbol uraeus- the image of a snake coiled around to swallow its own tail, the symbol of life, death and rebirth in all things. It is a tree of resurrection. It is calming to anxieties about the changes within our life. It facilitates entering the subtler planes of life and it awakens greater soul fearlessness. Its spirit opens us to greater control of dreams and through the dream state, it can bring hidden fears to the surface so they can be faced. Once met with determination, there occurs a rebirth and an increasing ability to overcome impossible odds. It strengthens communication with the higher self.

ASTER represents elegance and daintiness. It is also the talisman for a beautiful

love. It is a fall flower and this time frame is important. Flower of the month of September and the herb of the goddess Venus. In the language of flowers asters are a symbol of Love, Faith, Wisdom, Valor Hope, Light, and Power. Asters convey an afterthought or variety. In China, where they signify fidelity.

ASTILBE indicates patience and dedication to a loved one. I'll still be waiting.

AZALEA signifies fragile passion, womanhood (China), temperance and take care of yourself for me.

BABY'S BREATH The symbolism associated with this flower is purity of heart, innocence and the breath of the Holy Spirit. It is also associated with happiness and festivity. Baby’s Breath is white with dense, delicate clusters of flowers. They are native to Europe but have been naturalized throughout the Eastern U.S.

BACHELOR'S BUTTON means delicacy, hope in love and blessedness.

BANANAS contain a high amount of Vitamin A, potassium and phosphorus along with some calcium, B vitamins  and a small amount of protein. They may be used not only for snacks but may help with stomach ulcers, colitis and for general energy. Reports indicate that the inner surface of the peel may be applied directly to burns or boils for a healing effect.

BEACHES signifies adaptability to unique challenges. In many traditions they are the doorways between the world of spirit and the world of humans. They are also the

doorway to the Faerie realm. It is in between, being neither land nor water. These in between places are sacred doorways. It is a reminder to keep ourselves grounded

when opening to new realms and to protect our roots while we extend ourselves out into new and challenging areas. This environment is one of the most healing and balancing we can find, especially when we are ill. Spending time in this environment brings our own bodily elements back into balance. Beaches can also reflect that the spirit realm is opening and visits to this type of habitat can be a catalyst for inviting this opening.It reminds us to find creative and unique approaches to the challenges in our life.

BEECH TREE denotes a time for new expressions of ancient knowledge. It is a symbol to use the past to make changes in the present. It is a time to find power and nobility through speech and prayer. It reminds us to soften over-criticalness due to the individuals past and over-sensitivity. It is often a sign to develop and apply written and spoken communication to accomplish our tasks more effectively. It awakens the soul quality of tolerance and its essence helps align the individual with the Higher Self.

BEGONIA says to maintain balance in all things and to explore enriching activities. Now is the time to enrich our lives a bit more. Are we becoming stuck? Are we experiencing the doldrums? Begonia reminds us that it is easy to shake the doldrums of life with just a little effort. This flower is tied to the energies of balance on all levels. It reminds us to balance the internal with the external, the masculine and feminine- the usual with the unusual. It awakens strong psychic energies but it reminds us that such abilities need enriching. We must express them in a spiritual manner. The archetypal energies behind this flower are those of integrated balance on all levels and all planes.

BERGAMOT (BEE'S BALM)  is a gentle yet powerfully effective oil- uplifting, balancing, refreshing and calming for the mind, body and spirit. it will help you relax and restore your vitality  by relieving stress and tension, building your immunity and restoring your physical, emotional and spiritual balance. It is ruled by the sun. It is both a sedative and an antidepressant.

BIRCH is a sign which reminds us that we can carry more if we maintain balance in life. Birch is the “Lady of the Woods” and she helps connect us to all goddesses of the woodlands. The birch tree is one whose spirit and essence has ties to ancient forms of shamanism. It reminds us that new dimensions are opening for us. As they do, balance is necessary for the greatest success in entering them. She awakens the energy of new beginnings and a cleansing of the past. (which you did in part today) She will help us manifest opportunities to clear out old ideas, those things that are no longer beneficial.

BLACK ROSES Though true black roses don't exist, blooms that are the darkest red can look black. Giving someone black roses would mean the death of a relationship or idea. Some, however, suggest that black roses could symbolize rebirth or the beginning of something new.

BLACK-EYED SUSAN points out something that is hidden around us. Is there something we are ignoring? Susans often confirm and alert us to this. This flower also has an energy which will awaken insight into emotional aspects of the individual. It brings light into the dark areas of the soul. It assists us in overcoming resistance. It is dynamically catalytic in opening intuitive faculties and in increasing the insight. It stimulates and alerts us to the need for change, change that must be properly initiated.

BLUE ROSE To some a blue rose symbolizes “mystery” and to others “attaining the impossible”. A blue rose given can symbolize the rarity of your partner. You have

attained the impossible.

BLUEBELLS signify being humble and patient. They also indicate loyalty, fidelity and constancy. In some cases, they express the sorrow and regret. They bloom from April to June so this time frame needs to be applied as well.

BLUEBERRIES contain vitamins A, B, C and calcium, iron and phosphorus. They are known as blood cleansers. They are recommended for anemia, constipation, diarrhea, obesity, menstrual disorders and poor skin complexion. The antiseptic value of blueberries is apparently what helps conditions of inflammation of the intestines known as dysentery.

BLUETS signify contentment and innocence....  feminine intuition, connection to spirit, and freedom.

BUTTERCUP shows that words have great power. It has its origins in Persia. As a garden flower, the buttercup is unique in that it will grow in every part of the garden. This is part of its message. With proper self-worth, we can succeed in every environment. This flower awakens a new sense of self-worth. The individual will come to know his or her special gifts and how to apply them in this incarnation. It reminds us to be more expressive. It alerts us to opportunities for new life directions and for sharing your light with others. This flowers spirit is extremely empathic and compassionate. This flower brings tremendous healing energies and greater understanding of the human condition.

CACTUS signifies adaptation and finding and expressing the beauty and strength in all conditions even where none is apparent. Its message is to adapt and to persevere.

There is great and ancient energies at play. It reminds us that true growth is usually slow and steady, but we must adapt and try not to force it. The cactus is tied to those energies which help in the manifestation of riches and beauty under all conditions. It helps the individual to rediscover the elixir of life within themselves, in spite of outer conditions. It manifests the life waters wherever one is parched.

CALENDULA is the life force that connects the heart of the Earth with our hearts. It helps us to receive this energy more openly. It helps to expand our sense of connectedness to the plant and animal kingdoms.It restores in us an awareness of joyous unity with our Angelic and Elemental sisters and brothers in Nature as well as beloved Earth.

CARNATION represents new opportunities for love and love is deepening. It  helps to restore balance. The name means “of the flesh” and its energy is smoothing to stresses of the body.Carnation fragrance is one of the most ancient and healing in aromatherapy. It has a dynamic healing energy that stimulates the body. It helps remove blockages within the meridians (energy passageways). It restores love of self and of life.

       Yellow - Signifies rejection and having been disappointed.

        White - Sweet and lovely, purity and luck.

        Pink - represents a sign of gratitude. It is also an emblem of Mother’s Day meaning “I will never forget you”. Pink echoes the thoughts of perfect happiness and thankfulness. It exclaims “I’ll always remember you”.

        Green - Growth, freshness, harmony and fertility.

        Red -     Admiration, my heart aches for you.

        Purple -  signifies acting unpredictably, whimsical, changeable.

CAULIFLOWER contains alot of Vitamin A and phosphorus. It also contains Vitamin C, calcium, iron and some B’s. It is a good blood purifier and helps with asthma, kidney and bladder disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, gout, bad complexion and constipation. Eaten raw, it aids bleeding gums. Because of the high sulfur content, which causes indigestion and poor food assimilation, this vegetable should be eaten in moderation and not combined with other sulfur rich foods.

CHERRY BLOSSOMS have some dynamic qualities associated with them and which will become active within an individual’s life that aligns with the tree. It awakens the energies of faith and trust on high levels. It enables the individual to let go of the aspects of the ego which are preventing growth. Its appearance as a sign or messenger in Nature equates with the Phoenix rising which is a reminder that rebirth always follows death. It alerts us to be open in consciousness for new insights. This tree tells us that we are on the threshold of a new awakening. It is up to us though to cross that new threshold.

CHIVES Regardless of whether we are in a male or female body, we are meant to be a balance of male and female energy. Female energy is intuitive, holding the ability to hear God’s truths. Male energy is the will to do. It helps us take an idea forward into action. One energy without the other leads to repetitive cycles of the same learning lessons. For example, female energy without a balance of male energy can leave us in the illusion of feeling powerless to do anything with our inner promptings. Male energy used without female energy can easily encourage personality motivated behavior. These are activities unconnected to Divine purpose. When in balance, both help us to shed illusions and carry out our unique Divine mission.

CHRYSANTHEMUM means opening of the heart, healing and vitality growing. There are opportunities to heal issues of the heart here as it stimulates the heart chakra into greater activity. To the Chinese, this is the flower of autumn and it was a symbol for long life and duration. It serves to strengthen the overall life force so that it can be expressed more lovingly and more beneficially as a healing force. It is a reminder to keep our heart open. It also means cheerfulness and optimism, rest and truth. Considered to be a noble flower in Asian culture, mums are used as an object of meditation per a suggestion by Confucius. It is also the birth flower of November.

              White- symbolizes truth and sincerity.

CLEMATIS is a symbol of motivation, intelligence, peaceful thoughts and mental beauty. Clematis will guide the inner self to purpose, meaning, interest and focus. It is a symbol of warmth and ingenuity. It forebodes safety for travelers.

CLOVE is one of the world's most aromatic healing herbs. It was used in ancient days as a breath freshener. Traditional Chinese physicians have long used the herb to treat indigestion, diarrhea, hernia and ringworm as well as athlete's foot and other fungal infections. India's traditional Ayurvedic healers have used clove since ancient times to treat respiratory and digestive ailments. Once clove became available in Europe (1500's), it was used for treatment of flatulence, vomiting, cough, infertility, warts, wounds and toothaches. Dentists have been known to use oil of clove as an oral anesthetic. It is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter oral pain relief products.

CLOVER has an essence that draws positive energies. It awakens a vibration of “luck” within the auric field. As an herb, it has magical ties to love and fidelity. It aids in psychic development and intuition and it balances the hemispheres of the brain. The white clover is tied to the energies and goddesses associated with the full moon. It opens the individual to the kindness of nature. Clover speaks to us of new luck in our endeavors and that now is the time to show fidelity.

COREOPSIS represents cheerfulness. The yellow coreopsis is a reference to the solar plexus chakra and the sun. It is a member of the daisy family.

        Daisies represent increasing creativity on all levels and greater understanding of the forces of Nature and how they manifest in individual lives. It awakens inner strength.They stimulate a spiritualizing of the intellect. They denote Nature Spirits at hand. It is symbolic of the sun and the light shining out from it. 

CREAM-COLORED ROSES (not quite white) are indicative of charm and thoughtfulness. They are also representative of richness, perfection and the best of qualities.

CROCUS represents cheerfulness and gladness. It inspires a sense youthful, innocent joy and denotes a passion for life. As a gift, it sends a message of thank you for being in my life. It is in the Iris family.


DAFFODIL (NARCISSUS) - Daffodil can awaken inspiration and creativity. It alerts us to the need for clear self-exploration and for the balance of sexual energies. The fragrance of daffodil is very relaxing and is especially effective for those who have trouble slowing down excessive brain activity at the end of the day. It reminds us that our true power and innate beauty manifests more strongly through surrender to the Divine. It reminds us to maintain clarity of thought and vitality of the body. Have confidence in your own inner beauty. Daffodils are beneficial in teaching us that others will respond to us based on what we feel about ourselves.

DAHLIA represents expressing your own self-worth and dignity and to avoid pettiness. It awakens a true sense of self-worth. It is a flower which reminds us to overcome pride and false ego, so that true potential and nobility of our soul can manifest undistorted. An innate sense of inner nobility begins to grow within the individual when dahlia is a messenger. The symbolic meaning of the dahlia in the Victorian language of flowers has survived. When given as a gift, the dahlia flower expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is also the symbol of a commitment and bond that lasts forever. The dahlia flower is still used today in gardens and flower arrangements to celebrate love and marriage.

DAISIES  represent increasing creativity on all levels and greater understanding of the forces of Nature and how they manifest in individual lives. It awakens inner strength.They stimulate a spiritualizing of the intellect. They denote Nature Spirits at hand. It is symbolic of the sun and the light shining out from it.  The flower symbolism associated with the daisy is purity, innocence, loyal love, beauty, patience and simplicity. Daisies are often depicted in meadows in Medieval paintings, also known as a "flowery mead." Daisies are believed to be more than 4,000 years old and hairpins decorated with daisies were found during the excavation of the Minoan Palace on the Island of Crete. Even further back, Egyptian ceramics were decorated with daisies. Daisies were used in Mary Gardens. The daisy is also symbolically connected to St. John.

DANDELION This plant has great lore and has many wonderful qualities. It is filled with vitamins and minerals. It makes a good addition to salads and has been a source of wine. The juice has been used for skin conditions- acne, eczema. Dandelion teaches us that there is worth and beauty beyond what is visible and apparent. It teaches us to look beyond the surface of things and to look where you haven’t yet looked. Dandelion has the great qualities of color and vitality. Is there something of color and vitality that we are missing around us?

DELPHINIUM  is derived from the Greek meaning dolphin. It promotes swiftness and lightness and designates big-hearted and fun, agile and airy.

DESERT - reminds us that we can find beauty and success under the harshest conditions but we will have to adapt. If we use the resources available to us, we can do more that just survive. We can sustain, succeed and even come out stronger than ever. Deserts have always been environments that invite spiritual revelation through purification. Its energy is always catalytic, stimulating and awakening clarity to our life or to life situations.

DOGWOOD signifies endurance, durability and tenacity. Forgetfulness and constancy are also symbolized by this flower/ tree. It also augurs a love that is undiminished.

ECHINACEA has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries for a wide variety of ailments such as fighting inflammation and for bacterial and viral infection. It stimulates certain white blood cells and is good for the immune system and the lymphatic system. Echinacea is useful for colds, allergies, colic, flu and other infectious illnesses. Generally it is taken on an on and off basis.  Persons having allergies to ragweed may also be sensitive to echinacea. Melvin Gilmore writes that the Northern Plains Indians used it "as an antidote for snake bite and other venomous bites and stings and poisonous conditions”. The genus name is from the Greek echino, meaning hedgehog therefore see also hedgehog and daisy.

ELM is a tree strongly associated with the elfin kingdom and alignment with this tree through a staff (made from elm) will assist you in attuning to those more ethereal beings of the Nature Realm. Elm is a tree whose spirit is one of kindness. Its essence gently lends strength to the individual. It assists the individual in overcoming exhaustion- especially that which has accumulated over great lengths of time. It helps the individual to access more universal sources of strength so that your own individual strength will not be tapped and expended. This is a Tree of Intuition and its appearance is always a reminder to trust your intuition. Find strength in listening to your own inner voice. The elm serves as a catalyst to sensing, feeling and even seeing that which is not always visible.

FEATHERS have long been associated with the wind, the mind, new fights and all creator gods/ goddesses. They are a form of supplementary language and as signs or gifts, they serve specific functions. The most common of which are- 1. a direct connection to gods, goddesses and specific divine forces 2. a form the god/ goddess takes when traveling. 3. a signal between human and human. 4. qualities and characteristics within and around you that you must deal with. 5. a medicine or quality that you can develop. 6. a link to teachers of specific aspects of Nature including animal, angelic, and/ or faerie kingdom beings. 7. omens and signs. 8. tools for prayers, petitions and alignment with specific natural forces. 9. a reflection of new changes and new leaps of consciousness about to unfold for you. 10. a call to unfold the wings of enchantment within your life.

FERNS - are reminders that we need to keep our hearts open to the faerie realm. We are about to experience wonders but we must remember how we believed when we were children. If we do, our beliefs will be rewarded. Ferns are also associated with unicorns so this must be looked up for its message as well. Look for wonders.

FORESTS & WOODLANDS signify a growth free of controls and constrictions. They are connected to the feminine forces of the Universe- creation and birth. Forests also reflect a freeing of our consciousness. They enable us to face our fears and awaken the unconscious mind so we can employ it in our conscious activities. It can be a reminder of the need to diversify more and to make sure the soil is fertile for our own growth.

FORGET-ME-NOTS  is a flower which can open the past, including past lives. It reminds us to synthesize all of the experiences of the past and explore them from a new perspective. If we don’t learn from the past, we repeat the lesson until it is learned. It opens us to an understanding of karmic conditions. In meditation, it increases the spiritual experiences and brings greater contact with one’s spiritual guides, be they our ancestors or not. It is a symbol of constancy in love. It reflects a 2-year period in our lives and also reflects an energy that is raised to a higher level. When this flower is a messenger in relationships, it can show the initial passion being raised from a physical to a deeper, even spiritual, connection. As it is a harbinger of past life connections, it often triggers a soul memory, especially through dreams. It is a reminder that loved ones who are no longer alive can come to us through our dreams.

FORSYTHIA symbolizes anticipation. It also stands for reliability in that it is able to withstand much hardship. Forsythia means to know something in advance. As it is a member of the olive family:

       Olive has a terrific resistance to harsh conditions and in most traditions, it is the tree of peace. It is also known as the tree of Honor. It embodies the energies of harmony and peace of mind. Olive trees remind us to manifest greater inner strength and faith as true forces- not just as beliefs. It promises the energies of renewal and rejuvenation- restoring a zest for life. It is also linked to the process of regeneration- in physical healing and in spiritual unfoldment. It can serve as a catalyst to access the levels of consciousness that leads to better inner guidance and deeper levels of clairaudience. It increases sensitivity and renews the individual’s hope and will to enjoy life.

FOXGLOVE (a.k.a.Faerie Lantern- Digitalis) is a reminder to stay grounded. It is

planted in the fall and blooms the following summer. For this reason, that same time

frame is a messenger applying to your life. Starting endeavors in the fall, ensures greater success the following summer.It loves shady areas and faerie energy is prominent with this flower. They have a strong effect on the imagination and they are wonderful to work with for anyone wishing to re-awaken or reconnect with the inner child. They hold the knowledge of re-awakening and re-expression of sexual energies.

FREESIA symbolizes innocence and friendship, trust and sweetness.

FUCHSIA is a plant that symbolizes good taste and confiding love.

GARDENIA signifies emotional protection. Contact with it activates an energy, which helps us to align with almost any plant that can be found within a garden along with any of the nature spirits that can be found there as well. Alignment with it creates a radiation of purity of action and purpose. It is a very protective flower towards one’s emotional well-being. Gardenia in the environment helps prevent others from creating strife within your life. As a messenger, it alerts us to others doing so. It repels negativity.The fragrance of gardenia is strengthening to the electrical aspects of the aura so that we are less sensitive to the energies of others. It is a fragrance recommended for healers and others to prevent them from becoming emotionally tied to their clients. It helps to remain objective. It awakens and increases telepathic abilities. It draws vibrations of peace, love and healing to the individual. It has a very high spiritual vibration.

GARDENS are a symbolic reminder of growth. It is also a symbol of the feminine

energies, the ability to create and nurture life. As your garden grows and produces you will see movement and growth in the corresponding areas of your life. Caring for your garden is a means of symbolically saying you are open to Nature. You are willing to explore what it has to offer. Developing your garden is a sign of developing consciousness and control of our own life. If allowed to become overgrown, it may be a sign that things are getting out of control around you. If nurtured and cared for, it serves as a catalyst for growth and production in your own life. Your garden, regardless of the size, is an outer reflection of your willingness to commune with Nature. For those who feel that they can’t grow plants and gardens, they need to know that death is also a part of life. It may be that they are trying to grow things for which they are not yet quite ready or are trying too hard. Gardens require time and effort.

GERANIUM is a summer blooming plant making this a messenger about efforts coming to fruition having greater success in the summer. This flower and its energies awaken a greater sense of happiness  and stir the heart chakra into greater healing and a renewed sense of joy in life. It vitalizes the aura of the individual which strongly repercusses on all those within one’s life. It helps one to pinpoint and grab life’s happiness.  It foretells new happiness and vitality in our life. They also can show you where you may be missing opportunities for happiness. They alert us to take advantage of new opportunities when they arise. Are we hesitating? Now is the time to act.

GERBERA DAISY represents innocence, purity, beauty, cheerfulness and merriment. It is symbolic of the sun and the light shining from it. It increases creativity on all levels. The daisy is especially drawing to the nature spirits. This flower stimulates a spiritualizing of the intellect. They help stimulate our creativity and inner strength.

GINGER helps us release our worldly concerns, avoid overextending ourselves or scattering our energies especially those of us who keep giving even when we are out of gas. Ginger brings clarity so we better assess our energy levels, thus avoiding exhaustion. It helps to focus our energy more effectively and efficiently. Ginger helps to spiritualize the use of our Life Force energy and to become more spiritual in our approach to life. This does not mean less joyful just clearer in our priorities. With Ginger’s help, we find ourselves unburdened, freed to be our true selves in action.

GLADIOLA translates as “sword lily”. The gladiola is a reminder to make ourselves more receptive to divine will. Now is the time to assert your strength and follow your inner spiritual impulses. This flower activates an energy which makes us receptive to more light within our life. We begin to reassess where we have been placing our life efforts. It raises the lower emotions to higher aspirations, encouraging us to follow our own spiritual impulses now. It is time to move from psychic energies to spiritual energies.

GLOXINIA denotes love at first sight.

GOLDENROD is a sign to be true to yourself and your dreams, look for the positive. They are reminders that a new Year of the Soul is coming. Goldenrod helps us discover our own “Quest for the Holy Grail” -a quest, which reveals our true essence and how best to manifest it. It strengthens the aura so that the individual can remain true to his or her own essence, once uncovered. It asks, ‘Are we putting on a false persona?’. If so, it will limit your awakening creativity, intuition and great healing abilities. Trust in your dream. Look for the “gold” within all people and all situations.

GRAPES contain Vitamins A, B and C. They also contain Calcium, Phosphorus and a small amount of iron. Grapes are called the “Queen of Fruit” because of their great internal body cleansing properties. A good blood and body builder, it is a source of quick energy. Grape juice is easily assimilated and called the “nectar of gods”. It is indicated in cases of constipation, gout and rheumatism, skin and liver disorders. This alkaline fruit helps greatly to decrease the acidity of the uric acid and lends itself further in aiding the elimination of the acid from the system, benefiting the kidneys greatly.

GREEN ROSES though not abundant in nature are a beautiful sight to behold. The most significant and popular meaning of the green rose is fertility. Green is also the color of healing and the heart chakra. It symbolizes richness, abundance and bounty. Green roses are a sign of plenty and copiousness. Green is life, abundant growth, constant renewal of life and energy. The green rose signifies the constant rejuvenation of spirit and is therefore a messenger of cheerfulness. Transformation and change are a necessary prerequisite for life to go on. Green roses express this spirit beautifully. They also symbolize self-respect and well-being. The color green is also symbolic of life force. The freshness of the springtime, the abundance of the rainy season, all is well expressed by the green rose. The color green imparts a sense of balance, stability and peace to the human mind.

HAZEL TREE/ HAZELNUT symbolizes a time for transformation. All nut trees reflect

something about fertility and the fruit of our life - or the lack of it. Hazelnuts are a symbol of hidden wisdom and this tree and its energies can bring out the opportunity to acquire and express hidden wisdom in a unique manner. It indicates the quality of “quiet spirit”. This is a very magical tree. In the Celtic tradition, it was associated with sacred wells, springs and the salmon. Salmon is an animal that transforms itself and this is one of the messages of this tree.Hazel twigs and even staffs were often used as powerful dowsing instruments, being very sensitive to electro-magnetic fields of the earth and of individuals. They help us awaken inner intuition and insight and is powerful in stimulating artistic and poetic skills.It encourages us to pursue meditation to develop concentration of innate talents. It alerts us to act upon our inspirations if we wish to transform our life or some part of it.

HEMLOCK represents astral projection and also purification.

HIBISCUS signifies new youthfulness and a rebirth of sexual energies. Take advantage of opportunities while they present themselves- even if only for a short time. In China, hibiscus symbolizes fame and riches. It always stimulates positive feelings of sexuality and warmth. It is the flower of new creation and it reminds us of our own ability to create anew. It has ties to agni yoga and spiritual purification. It reminds us that we can attain control of our inner power and enlightenment.

HOLLY indicates the time to be clear about purposes and to become the spiritual warrior. Its spirit and essence manifests energy of protection for those who treat it with respect. It is powerful to use for wands, staffs and prayer sticks. Holly will stimulate an opening of the heart so that true love can be experienced. It awakens compassion and assists us in understanding “misunderstood” emotions. It reminds us of the importance of proper emotional expression in our life - especially with those we love. Holly has the archetypical energies of love with its ability to overcome anger and hate. Holly can help awaken to the Christ energies within and can open to the angelic and faerie contact with time and effort. It holds the energy of the spiritual warrior, an energy that can be drawn upon in times of fighting and disruption. It activates the masculine energy of an individual in a creative manner. Its important to those who align with its energies not to scatter their own energies.

HOLLYHOCK signifies fruitfulness and if the flower is white,  female ambition.

HONEYSUCKLE is a vining plant that contains clear messages. Are we becoming entwined in things we shouldn’t or do we need to become entwined in something new? It is an adaptable and enduring plant. Contact with it stimulates powerful dreams and they awaken greater psychic energy. They can teach how to develop charm and “glamour” so that others are more drawn to you. The energy of the shrub reminds us to learn from the past (present life or past life) so that mistakes will not be repeated. It may even manifest similar situations to enable us to deal with them more productively and to eliminate the karma of such situations. The blossoms are powerful and remind us it is time to overcome the past. The fragrance will help us to do so. They awaken the power of lost dreams. Honeysuckle balance the hemispheres of the brain enabling the individual to draw on greater power and potential. It helps create an aura of confidence that affects others in your life. Its spirit encourages a strong energy of change. It also brings forth hidden secrets.

HORSETAIL Horsetail is used medicinally to treat bladder infections and bladder weakness. Adults who experience occasional nocturnal incontinence (bed-wetting) may benefit from using horsetail preparations. The herb relieves a persistent urge to urinate. Horsetail is classified as a diuretic, but sources differ as to its strength in this regard. Horsetail tea or tincture may help people who experience edema (fluid buildup) in the legs caused by such conditions as rheumatoid arthritis and circulatory problems. Because it contains silica and minerals, horsetail often is used to strengthen bone, hair, and fingernails -- parts of the body that require high mineral levels. You may drink horsetail tea every day -- for no longer than a month -- if you've broken a bone. Horsetail also may be used by those who have wounds that do not heal well.

HOSTA - Devotion

HYACINTH represents overcoming grief and jealousy and to use your gentleness as a power. It temporarily balances the electrical and magnetic properties of the body. The oils have been used to ease the pain of childbirth  and to treat insomnia. The planting in the fall for the next year’s blooms is also a message for us. It awakens a strong sense of inner beauty and can open us to understanding many of the ancient rituals of burial and the esoteric mysteries within them. It restores the belief that  all is possible.

HYDRANGEA which from the standpoint of Feng Shui symbolizes achievement. It also means thank you for understanding.

HYSSOP There is no situation in which guilt is a useful emotion for us to cling to. When we make a mistake, as we inevitably do, we need to forgive ourselves, learn from the mistake and go from there. Our tendency is to continually flagellate ourselves with guilt long after the emotion serves any purpose. Hyssop essence can help us let go of our guilt and replace it with a more constructive understanding of our situation. Its vibration holds an understanding of all events in our lives as learning lessons not evidence we are bad or morally flawed. Affirmation: I AM the Cosmic Law of Forgiveness.

IRIS signifies to maintain hope. There is a sense of peace being restored and new birth at hand. This flower is associated with creativity and self-expression. They stimulate great inspiration and psychic purity bringing a strong sense of peace.

ISLANDS reflect a need for quiet and solitude. It is time to quiet the soul so answers to our issues may present themselves. Retreating for a time in the face of pressing stresses is actually a retreat in strength and restoration.

IVY It is a reminder to keep stretching and to keep growing using the past as a support. The clinging tendrils that provide support for it are very symbolic. Are we not moving? Are we stuck? Are we trying to do things before we have established support? Ivy should only be placed in outer passages and doorways for good health and luck. To bring ivy indoors was considered ill luck. It is also a reminder to balance the old and the new.

JASMINE is the sacred flower of Persia (now Iran). The spirits associated with it are both ancient and wise. To those whom jasmine has come as a messenger, it draws good spirits. It stimulates energy within the auric field of self-esteem (solar plexus). It is also a flower which stimulates our ability to manifest prophetic dreams. It also activates the God-spark within the heart chakra. It awakens greater discrimination, manifesting opportunities to develop such, along with mental clarity. It is a powerful flower foretelling major transformations. Jasmine is a flowering shrub with a seductive aroma. Its oil has been used often in aromatherapy to help nasal and lung conditions, stimulating mental clarity. It has been known to ease insomnia and it is best not to use it before bed as it does stimulate nasal drainage.

KALANCHOE symbolizes endurance, affection and popularity.

KOHLRABI contains small amounts of vitamin A. B, C, protein and iron. It contains larger amounts of calcium and phosphorus. The reported health benefits are as an excellent blood cleanser. It is also helpful for gums, teeth, bone development and for healthy nails. It is beneficial for kidney or bladder irritation especially when eaten raw.

KUMQUAT  Kumquat trees about two or three feet tall are making their way around Hanoi.  They are mounted on the back of motorbikes, being delivered to every house and business in Hanoi where they are prominently displayed during Tet. With their many fruits, the Kumquat tree makes a house brighter and warmer, especially in the cold weather in Hanoi during winter. The tree is a popular decoration for the living room during Lunar New Year. Its many fruits symbolize the fertility and strength of character the family hopes will come in the new year. The more fruit on the tree, the luckier your family. Greeting cards and good luck symbols are hung from the Tet tree.

LADYSLIPPER means win me, capricious beauty. It is a form of orchid.

     Orchid The keynote of the orchid is to balance and control your energies and also strong sexual energies. This flower is also strongly associated with nature spirits. elves and faeries. These spirits have a dynamic effect on sexual energy and they possess knowledge of the spiritual aspects of sexuality. Our sexual energy is a reflection of our creative life force.  When these flowers appear, they alert us to an important 2-4 week period at hand. They also have ties to the Satyrs of mythology some of whom were teachers of the healing arts.

LAKES & PONDS - The lake and pond is a place where the mothering, nurturing and nourishing energies come alive. A mother feeds, nourishes and protects her young. This is the energy of lakes and ponds. They awaken a need and a drive for that which will nourish our body, mind and spirit. They help us tap new waters within ourselves and replenish our creativity and our connection to spirit. They enable us to bring forth the magic within the waters of our own being. The outstanding elements often speak to us of our own creative expressions.

LARKSPUR signifies fickleness, ardent attachment, levity, lightness and it is the birth flower of July.

LAVENDER is a very sacred flower with many magical properties. When aligned with it’s essence, it activates the energy of stability within one’s life. It activates an extremely high vibration that is impenetrable to lower thought forms and astral entities. It is relaxing to the entire body and is beneficial for headaches, insomnia, pains, arthritis and depression. It restores emotional balance.Lavender activates the crown chakra and stimulates mental clarity, keen awareness and alertness. It stimulates the aura to the degree that spiritual beings become visible to the naked eye. It can be used to overcome the emotional blocks and conflicts that hinder spiritual growth.

LAVENDER ROSE is one of the rarest and most visually stunning flowers. It is a symbol of enchantment, royalty and love at first sight. It expresses our most sincere love and appreciation. Those who have been enraptured by feelings of love and adoration have used this flower to express their romantic feelings and intentions. With lavender roses, there is a sense of wonder, impossibility and a sense of the magical.

LEMON signifies a time to refresh and new spirit guides about. This tree’s energies balance the aura and help to keep it cleansed of negative emotional and astral influences. When it speaks to us it is usually in regards to something that needs to be cleared up around us. The lemon tree is a catalyst for clarity of thought and its essence can make us more sensitive  to using color therapy - in any of its forms- as a modality of healing. It  stimulates love and friendship and it is strengthening to the entire meridian system. The lemon always speaks to us of cleansing some aspects of our life. It reminds us that spirit is near but to be truly open to them requires that our energy be cleaned and  cleared.

LEMONGRASS acts as an astringent, tonic and digestive aid. It is good for the skin and nails. Lemongrass is also helpful for fever, flu, headaches and intestinal irritations.The leaves and stems are used. The nutrients include calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium selenium and zinc. 

LILAC will align and balance all of the chakra centers of the body and it spiritualizes the intellect. It awakens mental clarity and its essence can help us to link more productively with the kingdom of nature spirits. Lilac draws protective spirits into one’s life and it is a wonderful fragrance to use in meditation to open to your spirit guides. Sitting near or beneath a lilac while meditating opens doors to the Faerie Realm. Lilac also activates greater clairvoyance. The faeries of this flower are musical in their communication. Mostly, it helps us realize that there is an inherent beauty within all things. This is a time to balance spiritual activities with intellectual activities. Spirit is close and willing to work with you. Now is the time to open and develop trust with your guides.

LILY signifies a time of new birth. Lilies come in all colors except blue. This is an important to note as it may mean that you need more blue in your life or that you have too much blue in your life. Lily is a reminder not to get bogged down in the old. Take what you need and let the rest run off. Its name and essence aligns with the Archangel Gabriel and the Winter Solstice. It reminds us that humility is the key. Let others speak of your good qualities. It awakens the energy of new birth on all levels. The whiteness is the purity being activated. It’s fragrance opens the individual up to the Divine. It is a sacred flower of great power.It is a favorite of the faeries and nature spirits.
Lilies are the flowers of the spiritually advanced. They are also the totem flowers of mothers (especially new ones), fertility and nurturing. Lilies are also appropriate flowers to present during weddings as they are symbolic of unions, partnerships, and long lasting relationships. Give lilies to new mothers and brides-to-be; share the symbolism of these beautiful blossoms with them, and watch their faces light up with delight.

        Calla Lily- beauty

        White - Purity, modesty, virginity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you. The white lily is linked to Juno, the queen of the gods in Roman mythology, by the story that while nursing her son Hercules, some excess milk fell from the sky creating the group of stars we call the Milky Way, and lilies were created from what milk fell to the earth. The Easter lily is also known as the symbol of the Virgin Mary.

       Purple- Royalty, majesty and honor.

      Yellow- Walking on air, gaiety.

      Orange- Flame, I burn for you.

LILY OF THE VALLEY signifies the awakening of mother energies. It opens the heart and reminds us of a need to have our own creative environment.  It has been used to treat high blood pressure and its association with the heat is the key to its message. Lily of the Valley speaks to us of keeping the heart open.It reminds us that no love is greater or more true than a mother’s love.

LIMES have high vitamin C content and other vitamins and minerals that make it invaluable for cases of arthritis, scurvy and some liver ailments. Lime may be used as an antiseptic in the same manner as a lemon. It also contains calcium and phosphorus.

LOBELIA is the essence of self-confidence, self-love, self-acceptance and self-esteem. It gives one courage to stand up for their own opinion even when others disagree.

LOTUS are symbols of purity and 'spontaneous' generation and hence symbolize divine birth. According to theLalitavistara, 'the spirit of the best of men is spotless, like the new lotus in the [muddy] water which does not adhere to it', and, according to esoteric Buddhism, the heart of the beings is like an unopened lotus: when the virtues of the Buddha develop therein the lotus blossoms. This is why the Buddha sits on a lotus in bloom. In Tantrism, it is the symbol of the feminine principle. The lotuses are usually differentiated by their colour and grouping, in three or five flowers, which may or may not be combined with leaves.

        White Lotus - This symbolizes Bodhi, the state of total mental purity and spiritual perfection, and the pacification of our nature. It generally has eight petals corresponding to the Noble Eightfold Path of the Good Law. It is the lotus found at the heart of the GarbhadhatuMandala, being the womb or embryo of the world. It is characteristic of the esoteric sects, and the lotus of the Buddhas.

        Red Lotus-  This symbolizes the original nature of the heart (hrdaya). It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion, activity and all the qualities of the heart. It is the lotus of Avalokitesvara.

         Blue Lotus - This is the symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, of intelligence and wisdom, of knowledge. It is always represented as a partially opened bud, and (unlike the red lotus) its centre is never seen. It is the lotus of Manjusri, and also one of the attributes of Prajnaparamita, the embodiment of the 'perfection of wisdom'.

          Pink Lotus - This is the supreme lotus, generally reserved for the highest deity, sometimes confused with the white lotus it is the lotus of the historical Buddha.

          Purple Lotus - This is the mystic lotus, represented only in images belonging to a few esoteric sects. The flowers may be in full bloom and reveal their heart, or in a bud. They may be supported by a simple stem, a triple stem (symbolizing the three divisions of Garbhadhatu: Vairocana, lotus and vajra), or a quintuple stem (symbolizing the Five Knowledges of Vajradhatu). The eight petals represent the Noble Eightfold Path and the eight principal acolyte deities of the central deity on the mandalas. The flowers may also be depicted presented in a cup or on a tray, as a symbol of homage.

LUPINES signify voraciousness, admiration and imagination. The name means “of wolves” so reading the meaning of wolf will be helpful. Lupines add nitrogen to the soil thereby enriching Mother Earth. Its seeds are edible, high protein and aid digestion.

MAGNOLIA is a tree whose energies help to strengthen and activate the heart chakra, the center of idealism, love and healing. It aligns the heart of the individual with his or her higher intellect. Magnolia’s spirit strengthens fidelity of all those around it and provides opportunities for developing stronger relationships based on ideals. Magnolia reminds us to be true to our ideals and our heart no matter the pressure upon us. The fragrance of the flower is actually an aid in the opening of psychic energies and it can enable the individual to use that intuition to locate lost items, lost thoughts and lost ideas and apply them anew.

MAPLE signifies the balance of the male and female in you. The Native Americans have a strong connection to the maple and they often speak of its spirit loving the company of humans. The love works both ways though. The maple also provides the richest colors in the fall. They balance the yin and yang, the electrical and the magnetic. It helps the individual to ground psychic and spiritual energies and to find practical means of expressing them within their lives. It is activating to the chakras in the arches of the feet which enable the individual to stay tied to the energies of Mother Earth. It awakens intuition and helps stimulate more outward creative expression. It has the energy of sweet promises and aspirations. When the masculine and feminine sides are balanced, our intuition is sharper, our creativity is stronger and we are healthier.

MARIGOLD appears as a messenger to indicate that within ten weeks our endeavors will begin to truly grow and continue to bloom long after. It is a flower of love and sacrifice and it is also the flower of fidelity and longevity. Its essence is tied to the feminine master of the true Christian Mysteries- the one known as Mary. Marigolds remind us to trust our intuition and our psychic sensitivities-especially about health issues. They alert us to the coming of important dreams. Its presence can open us to an understanding of the power and use of words in the healing process. Our words have greater power now to harm or heal with ties to the forces of consecration and the blessing of all departures.

MARSHES & WETLANDS If we are looking for or experiencing transitions in our life, a visit to a marsh can be beneficial. It will stimulate and accelerate this process in our life and it will clarify what the transitions are likely to impact. It can clarify emotions. It is not unusual after visits to marshes for individuals to have disturbing , emotional dreams. These dreams often reveal where there is still decomposition in our life of which we may or may not be aware. The dreams help us focus our efforts so that we can be most successful in all transitions and new births. If we are having difficulty making a transition or seem “bogged” down in the process, a visit to a marsh can serve as a catalyst for movement or at the very least great understanding of why and how we are bogged down.

MARSHMALLOW also known as the Rose of Sharon and hollyhocks helps with inflammation and irritations of the alimentary canal, urinary and respiratory organs. The root counters excess stomach acid, peptic ulceration and gastritis. It can be applied externally to bruises, sprains, aching muscles, insect bites, skin inflammation and splinters. Marshmallow helps stimulate the immune system.

MEADOWS & FIELDS are symbols of abundance, a reminder to add nourishment and fertility to our own lives and they replenish hope. They signify balance of life and are a place of silent and soft growth. They serve as a catalyst for recovering joy and fun. It is often a reminder to look for a unique way of accomplishing our tasks, that there will be abundance but let alot of the work be done quietly- underground. Meadows and fields are places of renewals and the messages derived from them are important messages. They center around and trigger energies of abundance, balance, growth and fertility.

MILKWEED signifies a time of transformation and doing things in your own unique way for it to be successful even if no one has done it that way before. This flower is essential for the life of the monarch butterfly therefore butterfly should be studied as well. Milkweed easily grows to three feet or more. For those to whom this flower is a messenger, the number five should be studied as well. The flowers have five upright hoods and also five stamen.

        Five in nature signifies a time of change and movement. Lots of activity is at hand and will require versatility. Make your moves but do not become scattered.With the angels five means change, transformation, transmutation and alchemy. Something in your life is changing or is about to change for the better.

MORNING GLORIES signify breaking old habits and being spontaneous. Place a morning glory under your pillow and your sleep and dreams will be more peaceful. Their appearance always stirs the heart to more spontaneous activities. It has funnel-shaped flowers,which are very symbolic. Funnels can be used to draw things in or help express things outward. Either way, it carries a message about how we are or are not expressing ourselves effectively.It asks if it is time to be more spontaneous in our expressions.Old ways of doing things will no longer work. It is time for fresh life forces and spontaneity. Morning glory heightens our overall sensitivity. It reminds us that we will be able to increasingly draw upon and use our inner resources with greater effortlessness in the weeks ahead- with great success.

MOUNTAINS represent discovering our own spiritual powers and overcoming obstacles for spiritual attainment. Mountains lift our spirit. They give us perspective on things both mundane and spiritual. They open us to hear our own inner spirit and open us to hear the spirits around us. It is not unusual for people to begin hearing spirit after a visit to the mountains. Intuition heightens and creativity flows. Discovering the lore around the mountains that you visit will help tremendously in uncovering its messages to you.

MUSHROOMS signifies to try a different approach. Where something would not work for others, it works for you. They recycle and assist life.

MUSTARD GREENS contain high amounts of Vitamin A, C, calcium, potassium and smaller amounts of vitamin B, protein, iron and phosphorus. The reported health benefits are as an excellent health tonic. It is valued for anemia, constipation, rheumatism, arthritis, acidity, kidney and bladder ailments and bronchitis. It is also valuable to pregnant women or nursing mothers as it is helpful in ridding the system of toxins.

NARCISSUS See daffodil.

NASTURTIUM signifies conquest, victory in battle, patriotism, maternal love and the 40th wedding anniversary. Flower of heroes.

OAK radiates an aura of calm strength. It is a powerful symbol of the male energy, the yang of the individual. It is also aligned with all solar aspects of the Universe. The oaks energy awakens great strength and endurance- even through the most trying

circumstances. It helps  manifest a stronger and more active sense of helpfulness

towards others and it opens us to more easily be helped by others. Oak has strong ties to the realm of nature spirits as well . It awakens security in all pursuits. Sometimes the presence of the oak and its acorns is a sign that the fruit of your efforts over the past year or two is about to be harvested. Its reminds us that true strength is also gentle. Now is the time to demonstrate your own strength and endure. The energy will be there to do so and as a result new confidence and new spirit forces will open to you.

OCEANS & SEAS are the sum total of possibilities. They are symbols of the subconscious mind and even the unconscious mind. They awaken deeper levels of consciousness. They have depths that are unexplored and encounters with them always contain messages that encourage us to explore new depths within us and within life. Oceans and water in general are a dynamic force. They are constantly in transition and can reflect the same in your life. The plants and animals of this realm can reveal how best to work with the tides and transitions of our life more effectively. Oceans and seas are symbols of the womb, mother and woman. They have the ability to absorb and concentrate life. They stimulate dream activity, stirring the waters within us, so that we may heal and flow more easily in life. With its rhythm and movement, it represents time and change- the shifting of tides.

ORANGE contains vitamins A, C, Calcium, Phosphorus and Potassium with some vitamin B and Iron. Oranges have been recommended o overcome many ailments including asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, rheumatism, arthritis and high blood pressure. Persons addicted to alcohol have found that the desire for liquor is diminished by the drinking of orange juice. Others suffering from obesity have been able to reduce hunger pangs and food cravings by ample partaking of oranges. However, oranges or orange juice should not be consumed by persons with stomach ulcers or inflammation of the stomach or intestines.

ORANGE BLOSSOMS signify to trust your emotions and dreams and that it is time to release your fears. Orange is a color associated with emotional energy - positive and negative. The tree, its fruit and its fragrance stimulate clarity of emotions. It can assist us in releasing emotional trauma gently. Orange trees speak of a need release tensions held within the subconscious.

ORANGE ROSE has mainly come to be regarded as the symbol for desire, enthusiasm and passion. Being a literal mixture of the colors yellow and red, orange roses were often seen as a bridge between the feelings of friendship symbolized by yellow rose and love associated with red roses. Giving a bouquet of orange roses could be a sign of emerging romantic feelings and the desire to move a relationship beyond the stage of friendship. In addition, they can be an expression of fascination or a gift to say “I’m proud of you”. With their blazing energy, orange roses are the embodiment of desire and enthusiasm. They often symbolize passion and excitement and are an expression of fervent romance. The association of orange roses with romance is fitting considering the obvious connection with the color of fire and the metaphors we associate with it. Therefore it has come to symbolize the heat of passion, burning desire and the flames of love.

ORCHID The keynote of the orchid is to balance and control your energies and also strong sexual energies. This flower is also strongly associated with nature spirits. elves and faeries. These spirits have a dynamic effect on sexual energy and they possess knowledge of the spiritual aspects of sexuality. Our sexual energy is a reflection of our creative life force.  When these flowers appear, they alert us to an important 2-4 week period at hand. They also have ties to the Satyrs of mythology some of whom were teachers of the healing arts.

ORIENTAL POPPY signifies new creative energies at play in our life. It is not a time to hold back. Your creativity and imagination are your strong points. This flower makes one more perceptive to encounters with the Faerie realm and facilitates visions of the subtle

energies of life. The time frame associated with this flower is mid to late June as it blooms for approximately 10 days at this time.

PANSIES signify thinking things through before acting for actions now will have long range effects and to consider all possibilities. It is a flower with strong connections to the nature spirits. It helps create and magnify thoughts into stronger more productive bands of energy. It helps in the creation of thought forms and its energies touch the core of the mind to assist the individual to turn his or her thoughts to the divine. It means to ‘weigh or consider’.

PASSIONFLOWER symbolizes Christ-consciousness, a spiritual awakening, a conscious link to the God-self and a release of tensions.

PATCHOULI is great for depression and anxiety. It is a great diuretic and its properties help break down cellulite while stimulating the regeneration of skin cells speeding up healing and preventing ugly scars from forming when wounds heal.

PEACH contains alot of Vitamin A and potassium along with some B, C, calcium, iron and phosphorus. The vitamins and minerals have made it valuable for anemia. constipation,  high blood pressure, gastritis, nephritis, acidosis, bronchitis, asthma, digestion and bladder and kidney stones. Peaches also help improve the health of the skin and add color to the complexion.

PEAS have high levels of vitamin A, potassium and phosphorus. They also contain some vitamin C and calcium. They are helpful for nourishment and strength restoring and building. It is a good food for people suffering from anemia, low blood pressure and who are underweight. It is also helpful for reducing cholesterol.

PEONY signifies that healing and artistic abilities are strong now. It embodies protective energies that last a long time. To the Chinese, the peony is the queen of flowers and is always associated with the summer. Some traditions tell us that the peony was created by the goddess of the moon to reflect her light at night. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun, alignment with this flower helps your own inner sun reflect out into our life more distinctly. It helps to cleanse the aura of negative energies and it reminds us that the manifestation of any healing and artistic abilities will be beneficial now and that opportunities to use them are at hand.

PERIWINKLE signifies moving into a new life and rhythm. Trailing plants often encourage us to extend our efforts and not get stuck in a rut. This is periwinkle’s message as well. It speaks of opportunities to move into new rhythms. It was once known as the sorcerer’s violet. It was often planted on the graves of children to protect their spirits. It is also associated with those known for healing. Its essence awakens a new sense of coming into a new life. It is protective to the aura and has ties to the energies of love and immortality.

PERSIMMONS contain a high level of Vitamin A and potassium. They also contain some calcium, phosphorus and iron. They are an excellent food for energy. Persimmons are very soothing to the intestinal tract and therefore are of great value in cases of stomach and intestinal ulcers and with other conditions requiring nourishment without danger of injury to the delicate mucous membrane such as constipation, colitis and hemorrhoids. They have also been recommended in cases of pleurisy and sore throat.

PETUNIA  represents being enthusiastic and demonstrating proper behavior. Petunia reminds us to make a change in mental attitude, one more appropriate to our environs. It stimulates a greater, more solid fusion between the Higher Self and the outer personality. It awakens within the aura an energy of enthusiasm. As a result, there will begin to manifest an integration of joy and vitality in all areas of life.

PHLOX means flame and is a native of Texas. Its blooms can continue through the

summer. The presence of phlox activates the universal forces for the unfoldment and development of skill and craftsmanship in some area of our life. Its message is to attend to any latent artistic abilities and to focus upon them to become more productive in all endeavors. As a messenger, it alerts us to a more productive time at hand.

PINE has an archetypal energy and message about eliminating our feelings of guilt and balancing our emotions. The pine spirit is kind and sensitive and loves contact with humans. It soothes emotions and always reminds us that we should make decisions from as clear a perspective as possible. The pine heightens our psychic sensitivity, while balancing the emotions as well. It reminds us to express our creative energies without feelings of guilt and without allowing others to overly influence or manipulate us.It awakens the divine spark which resides in the heart chakra. It signifies the balance of strength and softness and it is emotional protection and healing.

PINEAPPLE contains many vitamins among them being Vitamins A, Band C,  calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium and a small amount of protein. It contains papain which aids digestion and chlorine which is valuable for digesting proteins. Pineapples are good for constipation and because of the aid to digestion helps to rid the body of excess weight. It regulates the glands and has been found valuable for cases of goiter, dyspepsia, bronchitis, catarrh, high blood pressure, arthritis and tumors.

PINK ROSE signifies complete happiness, secret love, joy, sweetness, grace and to

believe in the person. Roses are a symbol for love and gratitude. As the pink rose was the most prevalent among the old garden roses, it was most strongly associated with these sentiments. While different roses may have more specific meanings, these are still the underlying message of any color rose. Pink roses also now carry a connotation of grace and elegance, as well as sweetness and poetic romance. Different shades of pink also carry their own significance. Dark pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation, and are a traditional way to send a message of thanks. Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, and can also be used as an expression of sympathy.

POINSETTIAS The ancient Aztecs considered the poinsettia to be a symbol of purity. For them, the poinsettia was the "skin flower". The plant was used to produce red dye and also medicinally to reduce fevers. Today, poinsettias are the most easily recognized flower symbolic of Christmas. Poinsettias are also known as the "Christmas flower" and "Mexican flame leaf." Poinsettias originally came from Mexico and Central America.

POISON IVY - The keynote for poison ivy is to protect yourself against irritants and to not allow irritations to creep and spread in our lives. They should be dealt with strongly but  gently. If not, just as the oils of poison ivy can be transferred from our clothing to skin so can the irritations that are ignored be transferred to others around us, creating more difficulties. Be cautious about irritations building up and creeping up on you. Handle everything gently and with care but do not ignore them when they arise.

POPPIES Fire, creativity and energy is what this flower awakens- all of the best qualities of red. They come in variations but red speaks the loudest. Used as a flower essence, it makes you more perceptive to encounters with the faerie realm and facilitates visions of the subtle energies of life. Because of their bright colors, poppies are reminders of new creative energies at play within our life. This is not a time to hold back. your creativity and imagination are your strong points.

PRAIRIES & PLAINS signify abundance and hopeful journeys to new homes and possibilities along with new winds and subtle changes. Prairies more than any other environment provide great examples of how interdependent plants, animals and other natural elements are on each other. They provide a tremendous barometer reflecting the impact of humans on the ecology around them. The characteristics of prairies are most significant. It is a realm of extremes. The summers are hot and fry while the winters are cold and wet. Plains teach us how to adapt in extreme conditions and how to find balance when opposition rises in life. Wind is an important factor relating to the plains and should be examined as well. Prairies stimulate movement. They remind us that there are possibilities and potentials in abundance. New winds of change are always near. Change can always be good if we keep our eye on the horizon- to what is still open before us.

PRAYER PLANT  There were no symbolic meanings in my books nor could I find any online. I will tell you the properties and it is for you to see how this fits into your life. The first thing would be to see how prayer fits in your life. The prayer plant likes indirect light. If placed in full sun, the leaves will turn brown at the edges. The leaves close up at night as if in prayer pose, hence the name. It needs to be at the top of its container so that it may get air as it gets diseased easily. It doesn’t like freezing temperatures. In fact, it’s recommended not to feed it in the winter, a hibernating plant of sorts.

PRIMROSE signifies “ I can’t live without you”. It also means young love and believe me.

PURPLE ROSES are one of the innovations developed by man to express another emotion. This particular color has various levels of meanings, and has always been a favorite among rose lovers. Purple roses primarily stand for enchantment. The giver of the purple rose seeks to convey that he or she has fallen in love with the recipient at the very first sight. A deep magnetism and charm that makes the recipient almost irresistible is what the purple rose seeks to convey. The very first meeting has totally enticed the sender of these flowers, who simply cannot resist the object of his desire. Though purple speaks of enchantment, the meaning of the purple rose nowhere suggests permanence. The enchantment can be transcendental and can also be fleeting. As the word "enchantment" suggests, the effect is almost magical, and can also die off without much warning. The purple rose has certain other meanings. Opulence, glory and majesty are some other interpretations given to the purple rose. Purple being a color of elegance and grandeur, it only fits that the rose also pays tribute to these characteristics. The most widespread meaning of the purple rose is enthrallment, especially at first sight. Because of this, our purple feather rose is a hot favorite on Valentine's Day. And though there is no indication of permanence in this attraction, there is definitely a deep impression created. So, the next time you are bowled over by someone at first sight and feel totally enthralled, remember to send him or her a few purple roses.

QUEEN ANNE'S LACE represents delicate femininity. It is also the symbol of steadfast

love, self-reliance and fantasy.

QUINCE is a reminder not to express our tangled feelings too quickly to allow them to develop more. Often associated with the goddess Venus, it is tied to the universal energies of love. It awakens the feminine and it stimulates within the auric field an energy which promotes greater expressions of love and mothering. Its presence reminds us and helps us balance love and nurturing with power and strength. It draws to the individual opportunities for self-actualization.

RIVERS & STREAMS Through rivers and streams, we gain guidance in adjusting the flow of our life, to help us take on the form that is most suitable for where we are. Rivers and streams always represent time and change in some aspect of our life. Rivers and  streams, as with all watery realms, have great symbolism and meaning for us. Water is the creative element of life and is purifying, but it is also destructive. Thus, it is a source of life and death. Waterways have always been the most traveled route into places- even into new consciousness. They are paths to the dream world, into the faerie realm and even new life. Waterways open doorways to magical places.Messages can often lead us back to our own magic and lost beliefs. Contact with the watery can be catalysts for past life issues and examination along with future life revelation. Tapping into river energy can be a powerful aid to stimulate movement. Anything of the water implies fluidity, emotions and changes. We learn to creatively express and use our feeling nature. We learn to use our psychic and creative abilities uniquely giving them expression most beneficial to us.

RHODODENDRON comes from the Greek word for Rose, so the meaning of rose should be incorporated. Because the leaves are poisonous to humans and animals, there is the element of caution in this meaning.

ROSE signifies healing and love at hand, look for a new birth. It is one of the most sacred of plants and has the highest vibrational energy. They can teach and awaken to the crafts of telepathy, healing, divination and help with attunement to the angelic hierarchy. It is one of the most healing fragrances, soothing the yin meridians and balancing the heart.

     St. Theresa signifies steady progress and says that it’s important for you to recognize this steady progress. It’s important to appreciate how much you’ve already achieved and the people who have helped along the way. You’re also asked to forgive yourself for what you’ve done or what you think you’ve done. She didn’t lead a life of spiritual perfection yet she insisted that it’s the “little way” of steady progression that connects us with God and Heaven. She was a Carmelite nun, born in France, who began having mystical experiences which she wrote about in an autobiography called ‘The Story of a Soul’. Many miraculous cures are attributed to her. Upon her deathbed, she promised to send roses as a sign of her presence and devotion, so she’s often referred to as “Little Flower”.

ROSE OF SHARON - The keynote of the Rose of Sharon is to look higher in all things and there is triumph in transformations. This flower is related to the hibiscus and there is also a St. John’s Wort variety, It is a plant mentioned in the Bible in the seductive Song of Solomon. It is this which most reflects its message. There is love and transformation at hand. This flower can stimulate a play of energy into our life that facilitates bringing the personal will into alignment with Divine will. It reminds us to look to higher purposes when dealing with all obstacles right now. It awakens the soul power to be at the Divine’s service. This flower reminds us that we have the strength, ability and power to live a higher form of life.

ROSEMARY has always had a tremendous amount of lore associated with it. Most of it has to do with fending off bad luck. It is one of the most powerful herbs against any form of black magic, hatred and evil. It aligns the individual with those archetypal energies that protect and strengthen the individual’s auric field. It is linked to the kingdom of nature spirits and elves. It promotes the awakening of healing potentials and it draws opportunities various avenues of healing within one’s own life. It stimulates creativity and brings clarity to the mind. It increases the individual’s sensitivity and alignment with it assists in integrating spiritual and soul warmth with the outer personality. It reduces the ego and it assists in the development of out-of-body experiences. Rosemary reminds us that there is protection around us and this is enhanced with a positive attitude. It alerts us to be aware of others who may not have our best interests at heart.

SAGE is a catalyst for spirit communication reminding us that spirit is no further from us than we allow. It reminds us to keep our roots strong, that we can open to spirit realms and still be part of the physical world. Sage teaches the importance of expressing spirit in what we do. Because of the faeries, just being around the plant can induce light altered states of consciousness. Attuning to them can help you facilitate mediumistic abilities. They have knowledge of how to slow down the aging process and they can awaken a new found sense of immortality and wisdom in your life. They also stimulate an increased interest in spiritual maters.

SAW PALMETTO is extracted from the fruit of the plant. It is rich in fatty acids and phytosterols and has been used in traditional, eclectic and alternative medicine. The Mayans used it as a nutritive tonic and the Seminoles used it as an expectorant and antiseptic. The taste is reportedly repugnant. Saw Palmetto is used to help urinary and reproductive problems in both men and women. It has been said to help with infertility, underdeveloped breasts, increasing lactation, painful menstruation, to reduce the prostate, male pattern baldness and is an appetite stimulant. The side effects and allergic reactions are few and may include gastrointestinal symptoms, risk of bleeding, may affect sex hormones and concurrent use with drugs producing similar results is not recommended.

SNAPDRAGONS are synonymous with graciousness, kindness and courteousness. Given by a man to a young lady of his choice, a bunch of snapdragons conveys a compliment about her character. An appreciative guest might also give snapdragons to thank a hostess for her kind hospitality. Used in a bridal bouquet, snapdragon is a good luck charm for a fortunate and blessed marriage.

SPINACH is high in Vitamin A, calcium and potassium. It also contains some Vitamin C,B, iron and phosphorus. It has been found valuable for anemia, constipation, neuritis, nerve exhaustion, tumors, insomnia, arthritis, obesity, high blood pressure, bronchitis and dyspepsia (chronic indigestion).It has also helped in ailments of the bladder, liver and kidney. Spinach is one of the foods with ample iron. In addition, spinach contains choline and inositol, the substances that help prevent atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. Spinach is a good source of Vitamin K which aids in the formation of the blood substance required for clotting of blood. It is best eaten raw as cooking yields oxalic acid which destroys calcium.

SUNFLOWER augurs a time of well-being and happiness. The healing energy of this flower is very strong. Facing West at sunset, the flower swings to the East at sunrise to greet and honor the life-giving light of the sun. This is one of its most significant aspects, a constant reminder to keep our eyes on the Higher light in all we do. This flower can align us with the gods and goddesses of the sun. It is a plant with dynamic energies associated with the archetypal masculine forces of the universe. It manifests opportunities to help us find our inner sun and reminds us to find our own power and our own means of self-actualization. Its appearance alerts us to coming opportunities for happiness, healing and well-being.

SWEETGRASS brings in the energies of harmony and balance.

SWISS CHARD contains a high amount of vitamin A. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus some vitamin C, protein and B. It is great in cases of anemia, constipation and poor appetite. It has a high oxalic acid content and should be eaten sparingly. Organic oxalic acid (uncooked) is an important element in maintaining the eliminative organs, keeping them in proper tone. When in the cooked or inorganic state, it is destructive of calcium.

SYCAMORE as a messenger signifies that nourishment and beauty abound; new life and new gifts. Explore foot reflexology. The sycamore was the sacred tree of the Egyptians. A sycamore staff can be used to draw the energies of Hathor into one’s life and individual energy field. Sycamore energies help prevent the atrophy of the higher abilities that the individual has brought into this lifetime. It is a reminder to build on old gifts and express them in a new way. The staff can open communication between the conscious and unconscious minds when used in meditation and magical practices. It strengthens the life force of the individual and opens the opportunities to receive “intuitive and spiritual gifts” from the Universe. The sycamore is also a sign that gifts, which are more mundane, are on the horizon. They may be assistance, compliments etc. It is important to receive them graciously for if we don’t the Universe won’t bring the big things. It holds the knowledge of the laws of abundance and how to utilize them to your greatest benefit. It also has knowledge of the hidden treasures of the Earth. Sycamore awakens the feminine energies of intuition, beauty and nourishment. It can open us to the energies of love and Nature and all their magnificent aspects. It will augment all connections to Nature and its appearance in our life encourages us to draw upon the realm of Nature for health, abundance and inspiration.

THISTLE  Thistle tells us to keep a sense of pride and to protect ourselves against criticisms from others. It is most often used in the treatment of liver conditions. Symbolically, the liver represents strong negative emotions and/or anger. It asks: Are we too defensive?. Are we exposed to constant complaining and criticism? Are we doing everything we can to help ourselves? Do we need to clean up some aspect of our life? Thistle tells us to maintain pride in who we are and not be afraid to defend ourselves.

TIGER LILY signifies maintaining strength and balance in all that you do. It awakens the energy of the soul to overcome the lower self and the baser emotions in the daily situations of life. It balances the auric field when aligned to by the individual. Its presence brings harmony to the male and the female aspects of our personality and soul. This flower helps us understand the equal but distinct power that resides within both aspects of themselves, the male and the female and how both parts together make us stronger. Its message is one of greater strength and balance creates greater success. Tiger should also be explored when this flower is a messenger.

       Tiger asks to remain focused, be very patient and you’ll soon receive a surprise that will help you achieve your goal more quickly than expected. You’ll soon be experiencing a surge of passion and power that will remain with you for some time. Get ready for a new adventure, one that may present some challenges but will introduce some dramatic changes in your life.Individuals with this totem will do their best work at night. Create a sacred space in your home that is completely yours, one where others may enter only with your permission and take the time to enjoy the solitude in this space. You are naturally clairvoyant with the gift of prophecy that becomes stronger and more evident as you age. You’re a healer and your best vehicle is in the area of bodywork. Tigers also express great motherly devotion to their young.

TRILLIUM reminds us to look at the big picture. Sometimes small sacrifices are necessary. It brings the energies of sacrifice for higher causes and goals. It is purifying to the auric field and it activates the seat of the kundalini so that it can be given new movement and expression within our life. Its presence opens opportunity for greater service. Trillium also awakens any healing abilities latent within the soul and brings a sense of peace to one's life regardless of the circumstances. It is a plant that links the physical and the spiritual into new forms of expression and it reminds us of our ability to do so as well.

TUBEROSA means swelled or raised area. It is related to the amaryllis family. Its message is almost always about new love and creativity coming into our life. It speaks of being pregnant with new life, new creation. It has strong ties to the energies of love and attraction and the new creations that come from it. Its fragrance brings peace of mind. In meditation, it increases sensitivity so that we can more easily see the connections between the emotions and physical states of our bodies. Part of its message is often about looking to the emotional cause and effect that relationships have with the issues of our life. It promotes serenity. It is stimulating to the crown chakra and it energizes all of the bodies, physical and subtle. It increases our sensitivity and psychic abilities. It manifests opportunities to turn our vital energies toward the light.

TULIPS reflect the need to keep your feet on the ground and to trust in your own efforts. Encounters with tulips draws to us an energy of trust and success. It is clearing to the mental faculties and it is a reminder of the need for greater discernment and discrimination. This flower assists us in staying grounded. It stimulates greater vision in meditation and it facilitates seeing the hidden significance of events, people and things. Inside the cup of

the tulip sits a beautiful flower faerie. This beautiful being awakens trust.

        Red- Believe me, true love and declaration of love.

        Purple- signifies loyalty and romance.

        Yellow- cheerful thoughts and sunshine

        Pink - perfect happiness. elegance, confidence and best wishes.

        Orange- Orange- signifies warmth and happiness, energy, enthusiasm, desire  and passion.

UVA URSI also called bearberry has been used for centuries as a mild diuretic and in the treatment of bladder and kidney infections. The leaves have anesthetic properties that help numb urinary tract pain. Herbalists also recommend the herb as a diuretic for fluid retention, bloating and swelling. It is effective only if the urine is alkaline. It is not for everyone and should not be taken for more than a week at a time.

VALLEYS signify fertility and new life, protection and safety. It is home and refuge, where we make our living and fulfill our dreams. In the valley, everyone has a role and part of the lesson and energy of the valley is to help us recognize that role for the good of the community. Time spent there will often trigger opportunities to help others or to become part of something greater than our own goals and ambitions.

VIOLET is a sign to keep things simple and reveals lucky opportunities about. It awakens psychic sensitivity- one that reveals itself strongly through dreams. This flower can open the dream state as a source of information, making them more clear and understandable. The violet is sacred to the Faerie Queen. It brings the energy of luck and assistance from the Faerie Realm into your life for the fulfillment of your dearest wish in the year ahead.

VOLCANOES are the symbol for a powerful process of self-cleansing leading to

awareness. In a dream, it portends emotional outbursts, dangerous passions boiling

over leading to consequences and suppressed feelings and urges. Seeing this symbol is a good as the release happening during the session relieves the pressure thereby defusing the situation in life.

WATER LILY signifies trusting your psychic sensitivity and creative new energies. It brings new opportunities for money and wealth. It reminds us that our own psychic abilities are more empowered at this time. It is powerfully- though subtly- healing. It activates our receptivity toward that which is most strongly focused upon. It is tied to the feminine forces of the universe, bringing them into greater activity in our life. It goes hand in hand with the lotus which represents higher knowledge and new vision. It is associated with many ascended masters and goddesses. It aligns and balances all the chakras. It stimulates the energy of calm and serenity within the auric field.

       Kwan Yin is one of the most beloved and popular of Eastern deities. She’s a physically and spiritually beautiful Chinese goddess of mercy, compassion and protection and her name means she who hears prayers. She is associated with the lotus flower/ water lily. You may see the color red when she’s around. She’s devoted to helping us open to our spiritual gifts, attain profound knowledge and enlightenment and reduce world suffering. She also helps with clairvoyance, feminine grace, beauty and power, kindness, gentleness and sweetness towards self and others, love (receiving and giving), musical abilities (especially singing).

WATERMELON possesses a high amount of Vitamin A and Potassium. It also contains some B vitamins along with Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron and Phosphorus. Watermelon has been reported as very helpful in correcting abnormal kidney conditions. Apparently there is an ingredient in the seeds, Cucurbocitrin, which has the effect of dilating the capillaries. Consequently, the pressure on the large blood vessels is reduced.

WHITE ROSE is the traditional wedding flower. With its pristine appearance, the white rose has come to symbolize purity, innocence and secrecy. It is also associated with sympathy and spirituality.

WILLOW has an essence that can help us in divination and reading signs. It renews and revitalizes, awakening the inner fires of hope and inspiration for what is yet to come. Willows are water loving and water is the archetypal symbol of the feminine energies of birth, creativity, intuition and the moon. It stimulates an energy of healing on many levels especially through the areas of herbology and aromatherapy. Willow awakens flexibility and encourages many avenues of exploration. It alerts us to powerful opportunities for communication  and it has ties to all deities of other worlds and other traditions. It also awakens clairaudience- the hearing of Spirit. When this gift first begins, the sounds are like soft muttering. Its spirit opens “night” vision or vision of that which has been obscured until now. It reminds us to use the rhythms of the moon to look for dream messages of importance. Willow stimulates great dream activity and her message involves learning to trust our inner visions.

WISTERIA This exotic plant is very powerful. Just aligning with its name helps manifest greater opportunities to learn, especially to learn that which is not normally accessible. It awakens inspiration in the life of the individual and in fact has been known as the poet’s ecstasy.Occultists and healers have used its fragrance to draw good vibrations. This tree’s flowers activates the heart and throat chakras. It awakens a realization of the good that is already present within one’s life. It clears the fog within the aura. It stimulates creative expression and the “power of the word”. It is a rare spiritual influence that can be a passport to a higher consciousness.It opens the doors between the realm of humanity and the realm of the Divine. It assists us in contacting other planes of life and higher forms of illumination.

WITCH'S BROOM This air plant has furnished ritual brooms (besoms) and floor brooms for hundreds of years. A besom made from this plant is handy for purification of a space through ritual sweeping (nice as a mini-broom for your altar). Some believe this broom to be offensive to the Fae though this is also the broom that folk jumped over when they wed. Traditionally, this plant is a substitute for furze/gorse, heather, holly or butcher’s broom in Celtic pathways. It has played a role in air magic having been burned to calm blustery winds and thrown into the air to raise winds. In Scotland, broom flowers among others were used to decorate female figures made from sheaves of corn and paraded on Imbolc (Feb. 1st) in what was a maiden celebration. The yellow flowers are considered good luck. Warriors might also consider it as a protective charm as Richard the Lion-Hearted always stuck some in his helmet before battle. In a flower essence, it helps increase a positive attitude. The leaves have been smoked for a sedative effect but this plant contains a strong heart toxin so don’t ingest it.

YELLOW ROSES are commonly associated with joy, delight  and friendship. A bouquet of yellow roses now brings to mind all of the sunny, cheerful feelings of warmth and happiness.They can send the perfect message of appreciation and platonic love and can brighten someone’s day who may be feeling down.

ZINNIA comes in all colors but blue. Because of this the significance of blue and its

absence should be explored in regards to your life. Blue has ties to peace, mental and spiritual activities and healing activities. They bloom through the heat of summer; lasting into the late summer and early fall- reflecting a time of power for it and you. This flower has an essence that is beautiful in the manner in which it activates the play of archetypal energies within the individual’s life. It touches aspects of our soul where the child-like humor and innocence still resides. It encourages us to re-awaken and express the energy of the inner child, the child that can see all things new, bright and beautiful. It reminds us to trust in our sense of humor and it awakens within us the opportunity and ability to touch and heal others more effectively with that soft humor. It strengthens and instills a strong sense of encouragement and hope. It releases the energy of endurance and courage in all things. The beauty of the world is about to be re-discovered.