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THE MEANINGS OF THE ELEMENTS ARE DERIVED FROM "THE BOOK OF STONES" BY ROBERT SIMMONS AND NAISHA AHSIAN. There will be more information added to this page in the near future.

EARTH ELEMENT STONES tend to be more resonant with strong magnetic energies. They are what we consider to be “grounding” stones and can be helpful in working on the most dense aspects of the physical body- the bones and tissues. These stones also relate to balancing the energetic systems that are related to our most dense aspects- survival, connection to the physical body, general vitality and strength and the ability to still the mind and be present in the moment. They are calming to our energy field and tend to regulate our overall energetic frequency. Some earth element stones are- lodestone, pyrite, hematite, cuprite, dolomite, diopside, petrified wood, obsidians (earth/fire), ruby and black tourmaline.

FIRE ELEMENT STONES help to fortify and balance the energy systems (meridians) and the endocrine system. They govern such aspects of the body as metabolism, hormonal balance, glandular issues, sexual function and desire, fertility and self-direction. On an emotional level these stones deal with our will, the ability to take action, procrastination, anger and fear issues. These stones tend to resonate with the frequency end of the electro-magnetic spectrum and will stimulate the frequencies in the body. Some good fire element stones are Zincite, Citrine, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, golden and yellow Calcites, Carnelian, golden Topaz and Fire Agate.

WATER ELEMENT STONES assist in emotional expression and facilitate communication. They govern the circulatory system and the ability of the body to deal with fluids. They assist in maintaining healthy emotional balance and are often used to balance depression, excessive fear, sleep dysfunction and hyperactivity. Some excellent water element stones are lepidolite, green, pink or red tourmalines, rose quartz and aquamarine.

WIND ELEMENT STONES stimulate the respiratory system and enhance brain function and mental abilities. These stones are excellent for using in breath work, to heal from tobacco use and for general respiratory difficulties. They also tend to sharpen the mind, enhance mental focus and cognitive ability and to assist in opening the psychic and intuitive abilities. Some wind element stones are amethyst, lapis lazuli, sodalite,

moonstone and fluorite.

STORM ELEMENT STONES are used when massive transformation, cleansing and radical dynamic balancing are called for. These stones often work on many levels, affecting all of the body’s systems and elemental energies. These stones are generally only used for short periods of time and in circumstances when one is ready for tremendous change. They often bring up the deep lying patterns so that they can be understood and cleared. Some strong storm element stones are moldavite, spirit quartz and clear quartz.