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                                    Crystal and Stone Healing

  When we are not able to respond to changing experiences, a host of symptoms are manifested.They may be physical, psychological, emotional and energetic. Healing is a process of restoring a state of balance to the body and energy systems. Crystals and stones can be helpful in achieving this state of balance as each vibrates with a particular frequency. They range from very low frequency energy which we associate with the physical to high frequency energy which we associate with spirituality. The energy of the stones and crystals we are drawn to vibrate with related frequencies in our energy field. The shifts of energy are thus transmitted to our brains via our nervous systems. This stimulates biochemical responses that affect our physical bodies, emotional responses, and opens us up to spiritual awakenings.The composition of the stone is also a factor. If we choose a stone containing magnesium for instance, the part of our body that vibrates at that frequency will resonate with the stone causing our body to think we have more of that mineral and our body will shift accordingly.