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About Us

My company is based on the belief that my customers' needs are of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals.

I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and give you my best service.


Portland, Me. Please call 207-415-8638 or message me at


Flexible to accommodate the client.

Stones and Crystals are individually priced. I have a great selection from a source who loves stones and crystals as much as I do. You can feel it in the stone/crystal.

The Session includes a healing (Reiki & IET with crystals and stones), a cleansing/healing with Archangel Raphael, a cord cutting with Archangel Michael, a chakra balancing. I channel Divine Love and Light to soothe your inner being. I end with a reading of your energy field and other intuitive messages. Many symbols come through in the form of flowers, animals, Angels and Ascended Masters, songs, movies (the message is in the movie) and also sometimes messages from deceased loved ones.

The Session, Intuitive Readings, Email Readings and Angel Card Reading Prices:

              15 mins - $30

              30 mins - $55

              45 mins - $77

              60 mins - $99

              90 mins - $150

Visa/MC accepted as is PayPal and I usually use Square.

Classes available are:

The classes help us to empower ourselves and to learn to kickstart our bodies own healing capabilities. With Integrated Energy Therapy, you also help to remove blocks to forward progress that may have been acquired in this and past lifetimes.

      Usui Reiki:  Reiki I  -  $155

                            Reiki II - $188

                            Reiki III - $277 ( Reiki Master Practitioner)    

                            Reiki III - $377 (  Reiki Master Teacher)

       Integrated Energy Therapy:

               Basic Level - $200

               Intermediate Level - $222

               Advanced Level - $222

      Lightarian Reiki: Must be a Usui Reiki Master to attend.

               Level I & II -    $195 (these two levels are done together)

               Level III     -    $95

               Level IV     -    $95

               Level V & VI - $95 (these two levels are done together)


Greeting Cards                         $4.00      3 for $11 -plus postage if mailed

Matted Photos                          $15         -plus postage if mailed

Framed Photos                         $50 & up -plus postage if mailed


Earrings                                   $15 and up

Bracelets                                 $22 and up

Necklaces/ Pendants               dependent on the price of gold, silver and stones